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Team Fortress 2

Gameplay: 8.5/10 - Unlike other games such as Counter Strike, TF2 has a need for cooperation.
Graphics: 8/10 - Although rather cartoon-like, I would say the graphics are quite unique and well made.
System: 18/20 - In this game, the classes are quite bal
anced, there weapons however aren't as balanced, there are some moments where one weapon is easily the better choice instead of just an alternative.
Ease of Handling: 9.5/10 - Controls can be easily modified through the developer console or options.
Updates: 15/15 - Updates are frequent and they improve the game drastically with new content such as weapons.
Multi-Player: 9/10 - Winning relies heavily on cooperation, and through that, helps you communicate with others.
Modding Potential: 10/10 - The game can be easily modded and there are fun mods of the game such as party mod, Zombie mod, 100% mod, and modified server settings.
Sound: 8/10 - This game includes character phrases such as "BONK!" which are unique to that class
Replay Value: 3.5/5 - You'll find yourself playing this game for hours everyday because it's amazing.
Total: 89.5/100


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Introduction to Team Fortress 2

Seeing as I have covered quite a bit about Team Fortress two with the comments about the ratings, I'll attempt to keep this part to a minimal level.

Team Fortress 2 is a fast paced cooperative First Person Shooter (FPS) game, with great graphics (which might not exactly be considered realistic) this game has many things an FPS player would want. Some of these things might include: several game classes (which means several play styles), frequent updates (please refer to to find information about the updates), and is generally a fun game to play.

NOTE: Some of the weapons have changed since this trailer.

Team Fortress 2 Classes

Weapons: Scattergun, Pistol, Bat
Alternatives: Force-a-Nature, Bonk! Atomic Punch, The Sandman

This class is the fastest class in the game, he is also the only class in the game that can double jump. He is mainly used to harass people and can easily take out: Medics, Spies, and Snipers, easily demolishing their support, but a well played scout can easily take on any class in a 1 on 1 battle.

Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Spade

The soldier is the second slowest class in the game, however he quickly makes up for it with the power of his weapons (a critical rocket is devastating to anyone) and the ability to rocket jump. He is usually known to be the counter to the Pyro, but he can decently counter any class with some good aim and the ability to lead a shot (shooting ahead of the enemy using an estimation of where they will be when the shot hits).

Weapons: Flamethrower, Shotgun, Fire Axe
Alternatives: Backburner, Flare Gun, The Axtinguisher

The Pyro is one of the classes that have "normal" speed, I call it normal because it is the speed most classes have. The Pyro is known to be the "Spychecker" because it is the ULTIMATE counter to spies. The Pyro can also easily counter an inexperienced Scout and possibly a Soldier if the Pyro is able to use the Flamethrower's (not the backburner) airblast ability.

Weapons: Pipe Bomb Launcher, Sticky Bomb Launcher, Bottle

The Demoman is also another class that has "normal" speed. It is known to be the best counter against engineers due to his secondary weapon: The Sticky Bomb Launcher, which can shoot bombs which he can later detonate at his own discretion, usually three or more can kill a full health LVL3 Sentry. An extremely good demo can easily kill any class by leading his pipe bombs towards them.

Weapons:"Sasha" Minigun, Shotgun, Fist
Alternatives: Natascha, Sandvich, The Killing Gloves of Boxing

The Heavy is the slowest class in the game, but with his heavy artillery, he can easily make up for that weakness. The Heavy is the counter for the Soldier because they are both close/medium range fighters, the Heavy has more DPS (Damage Per Second), and has more health.

Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench, Object Builder, Object Demolisher

The engineer is yet another character with "normal" speed. He is most likely the best defense a team can have, because of his ability to build Dispensers, which dispense ammo and heals players around it, and his ability to build Sentries, which, depending on it's level, can deal a massive amount of damage to any player. A level 3 sentry usually cannot be taken down unless it is by a well protected demo or soldier, or an UBERCHARGE.

Weapons: Syringe gun, Medigun, Bone Saw
Alternatives: Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg, Ubersaw

The Medic is the most important class in a sense, and is also the second fastest in the game. He can heal his teammates and over time, charged by healing, he can deploy an ubercharge. Using the Kritzkrieg the ubercharge will give the person the Medic is healing, 100% critical hits for the duration of about 10 seconds, using the regular Medigun, the Medic and his partner will be completely invulnerable to all attacks (however they can still be knocked back) for also around 10 seconds.

Weapons: Sniper Rifle, SMG, Kukri
Alternatives: Huntsman, Jarate/Razorback, Kukri

The Sniper is another class with "normal" speed, he usually stays in the back lines, either defending the capture point/intelligence by sniping people off, or helping his teammates that are in the front lines by sniping off their enemies.

Weapons: Revolver, Building Sapper, Butterfly Knife
Alternatives: Ambassador, Sapper, Butterfly Knife
Special: Disguising Device, Cloaking Watch
Special Alternatives: Disguising Device, Cloak n' Dagger/The Dead Ringer

The Spy is yet another class with "normal" speed. The Spy is the counter to the Engineer because of his ability to sap the engineers buildings. If using the Butterfly Knife, the Spy can instantly kill someone by backstabbing them if he is behind them.

Usual Ubercharge Combos: Heavy + Medic (for killing players/sentries close up), Demo + Medic (for killing multiple sentries), Soldier + Medic (for killing players/single sentries), Pyro + Medic (for killing players/quick disposal of engineer repairing sentry/sentries close up)

Alternate Weapon Explanations:

The Force-a-Nature:
-Can push enemies in any direction
-If airborne, can use recoil to do a triple jump
-Does less damage then the scattergun
-Has a faster firing rate then the scattergun
-Has 2 shells per clip instead of 6

Bonk! Atomic Punch:
-Gives the Scout invulnerability for around 6 seconds
-Slows down the scout dramatically directly after wards

The Sandman:
-Makes Scouts HP 95 instead of 125
-Can hit a ball by right clicking, the ball stuns enemy players according to distance
-Does less damage then the original bat

The Backburner:
-100% crits from behind
-No Airblast

The Flaregun:
-On contact with enemy, sets them on fire

The Axtinguisher:
-Does less damage then fire axe
-100% crit on burning enemies

-Slows enemy on bullet contact
-Less damage then Sasha Minigun

-Heals the player

The Killing Gloves of Boxing (KGB):
-Slower attack rate then Fists
-If a kill is made with these on, the player gets 100% crits for 5 seconds (effect can be stacked)

-No Crits
-Heals 3 HP per syringe that hits

-100% crit instead of invulnerability

-Slower attack rate then Bone Saw
-Gives 25% Ubercharge on hit

-No zoom
-Faster charge (gives more power/distance)
-More powerful then the Sniper Rifle

-Is thrown at the enemy
-If it makes contact, it gives anything that hits the player hit by this a damage boost

-Protects the Sniper from being backstabbed once
-Stops the Spy that backstabbed the sniper from attacking for a short duration

-Becomes less accurate (crosshair gets bigger) every shot, you must let it cool down
-100% crit on a fully accurate (smallest crosshair) headshot

Cloak n' Dagger:
-Recharges when not in use
-Power does not deplete unless you are moving (you can stay permanently invisible if not moving)
-Does not last as long as the original Cloaking Watch

The Dead Ringer:
-Cannot cloak normally
-When hit, fakes your death and cloaks you, reducing damage recieved
-Does not last as long as original Cloaking Watch
-Can be recharged by picking up Metal (ammo)

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