Tuesday, September 14, 2010

League of Legends ! BREAK OUT

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After the immense success of Warcraft III Custom Game: Defense of the Ancients, there have been an uncountable number of new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games that have entered the gaming market. One of these games really stood out from the rest of the millions of worthless DotA clones out on the interwebs today.

League of Legends, from the creators of DotA and the programmers of Warcraft 3, bring you a revolutionary new MOBA game that exceeds all the expectations of the competitive video game genre. Utilizing their own platforms, servers, and coding language, Riot Games have set a new milestone in terms of innovation and created a breakthrough in team vs team gaming. From casual gamers to avid Dota fans alike, everyone can find themselves a place in League of Legends where they belong. LoL offers a place for people with drastically differing play-styles to duke it out the way they like to play. 

Teamwork, strategy, organization, and quick decision making skills are all assets for succeeding in League of Legends. Or even if you are not confident in these aspects, even the slightest bits of bravery and dedication will surely take you farther than you'd ever expect.

League of Legends is completely FREE TO PLAY, and only requires a single download and account. Everything in game can be bought with in-game cash, no real money is required at all. Invite your friends to join you in the quest to become the best team amongst your neighborhood, your city, or even your country!

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In depth description:

Basically league of legends feature 2 types of competition; 5v5 and 3v3 team games. (With more modes and maps in development) Before the game begins, each team will go into a champion selection phase, which allows each of the 5 team members to select their respective heroes that they will use throughout the course of that game. Games may last from as short as 10 minutes to as long as 90 minutes, usually ending somewhere between 25-45 minutes. During the champion selection phase, the 5 players may use the chat function to communicate strategies as well as champion builds and other important team decisions. After champion selection is completed (1 minute), the game will promptly begin, and you will enter the game with the champion you selected.

LoL currently offers about 60 champions, with new champions added in biweekly. Each champion may be played differently according to individual play-styles and are up for experimentation, meaning there is no "right" way to play a specific champion. However champions do have a general category they belong in when their skills are taken into consideration. Such categories include: tank, dps (damage per second), burst, initiator, cc (stunner), rusher, support, healer, ap (caster) and fighter. This vast selection of heroes is what creates the variety in LoL that attracts so many different players.

When the game begins, the players will spawn next to their team's Nexus, or base. There are three paths or "lanes" on the maps that lead from one base to the opponent's base. On these paths, there are towers that will protect a team from incoming enemies. The center of the map is a division line between the team's territories. Every interval of about 20 seconds, a wave of minions will spawn from each team's Nexus and proceed down the lanes. It is the player's job to eliminate these minions to level up, obtain gold to purchase items, provide aggression, and ultimately push and destroy the enemy's towers. The game ends when one team is able to successfully destroy the opposing team's Nexus. Killing an opponent player (known as kills) as well as powerful neutral monsters will earn you and your teammates gold, exp and neutral monster buffs, which can provide strategic advantages in team-fights and unexpected confrontations. The victory of the game is generally taken by the team with the best cooperation, strategy, champion composition, and of course, individual performance.

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