TOP MMORPG LIST #5/4/3/2 (#1 will be covered with an extensive review on the next post, stay tuned)

As a MMORPG lover myself, I am confidant to say that almost every single online gamer has played or is playing at least one MMORPG in their gaming career. To start this blog off with a boost, lets take a look at some of the best FREE MMORPG's out there. (In my honest opinion atleast, and trust me, they rock. If you have any MMORPG suggestions, please leave a COMMENT at the bottom of the page, I will look at them) x]

I'll rank the MMORPG's by 10 different categories of evaluation, and then sum up the totals to give a generalized score of the RPG.
The ten different elements include :

Gameplay /10
Graphics /10
System /20
Plot /10
Ease of Handeling /10
Replay Value /10
Multiplayer (PVP) /10
SinglePlayer (PVE) /10
Sound /5
GrindFest? /5 (5 being not much time wasted on grinding)

Total /100

Once again, these games are free-to-play, with possible in-game cash shops that do not really affect your experience gameplay-wise. Also, the games are third person RPG's, you will not find first person shooters in the list, I will do those another day.

 #5 Silkroad Online

Gameplay 7.5/10
Graphics 8.5/10
System 16/20
Plot 5/10
Ease of Handeling 8/10
Replay Value 5.5/10
Multiplayer 6/10
SinglePlayer 6/10
Sound 7/5
GrindFest? 2/5

Total 71.5/100

At first glance, Silkroad looks to be an amazing, sophisticated, multi-class, diverse enviroment MMORPG game with better than average graphics. Basically it's a fantasy styled game that is set in the 7th century A.D. along the SilkRoad (a trade route between China and India). The game features a rock-paper-scissors based combat system with trader, thief, and hunter as its beginner jobs. Many critics and players compliment the game's PvP system being very original and unique and incredibly addicting to play. SRO has a huge enviroments with many new maps and areas to explore and conqeur.
As you continue to play the game, however, you begin to notice that the game has some major flaws. No doubt anybody who has played this game will agree that there are ALOT of bots roaming around the areas and mobs, the speed of the gameplay is unbearably slow, with huge grinding time. Even so, the slow grinding is said to pay off as you level your character and participate in PvP enviroments.
Silkroad definitely passes as a great FREE MMORPG there is to choose from.

#4 Dragonica Online

Gameplay 8/10
Graphics 7/10
System 17.5/20
Plot 7/10
Ease of Handeling 8/10
Replay Value 6/10
Multiplayer 6.5/10
SinglePlayer 8/10
Sound 3/5
GrindFest? 4/5

Total 75/100

Dragonica online is a fairly new MMORPG to come into the role-playing online market. However, due to their great advertisements, Dragonica has attracted many players from around the world.

Dragonica has 4 basic classes for players to choose from, Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Thief. Each job class has their own beginning towns and cities, and are exposed to different quests and a slightly altered storyline. Basically Dragonica takes place in a world of Dragons and magic in a land called El Grego, and you are one of the chosen parties to explore this rich 3D world and defeat the evil dragon. =P

At first glance, this may see like a childish "Maplestory" style of video game and seemingly more suitable for kids of the younger age. But as you continue to play this game further on, you begin to realize the increase sophistication and richness in its storyline and gameplay. However, Dragonica is unlike other MMORPG games in the fact that, dedication to the game is obviously important, but high-end comboing skills and quick wits are also needed in order to succeed.

Prehaps the greatest aspect of this game is its creative and innovative combat style. Dragonica introduces a new combo-style combat system that has been rarely seen before in 3D MMORPGs. Almost similar to a street-fighter game, a player has 6 hot keys in which he/she may set his skills from the master list. By timing these skills well in combo and linking them by a specific order, the player may execute extremly flashy, destructive, and satisfying combos. As you surpass level 20, you are also able to participate in PVP situations and battle it out with your friends.

The greatest downside to Dragonica is its repetitivity. Many long-terms players will notice that Dragonical becomes very repetitive after a certain point, and although unseemingly, you are constantly put into grinding situations. But the fact that they can put you in these situations "unseemingly" shows that the game does have some attraction. So, if you are looking for a not-so-serious, innovative, and just for fun game that you can enjoy with your friends, take a look at Dragonica. =]

#3 Mabinogi

Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 8/10
System 17/20
Plot 9.5/10
Ease of Handeling 6.6/10
Replay Value 8/10
Multiplayer 7/10
SinglePlayer 8.5/10
Sound 4/5
GrindFest? 3.5/5

Total 81/100

This is probably THE most underrated MMORPG's out there in the HUGE online competition.

In the outset of the Nexon adopted RPG, Mabinogi, you will be placed in a game with no objective other than the ones you make yourself; the storyline is subjective and not really related to game play and mandatory but is often played to per long the lore and capricious story of Mabinogi.

Although the game is quite fun itself, you will quickly notice the flagrant need for a sufficient amount of money to play the game at a competitive level. Despite this, you'll still enjoy many things that the "Oldies" of this game have not had the rights to until just recently, much of the premium services in Mabinogi became free, such as rebirthing to prevent excessive and repetitive grind to ensure entertainment throughout dungeons. A player will soon distinguish that Mabinogi is not a normal RPG, it is much similar to Runescape, where it possesses it's own economy and market much similar to our own due to it's many extra-curricular life skills, that are quite fun but time consuming.

#2 Perfect World (International)

Gameplay 8.5/10
Graphics 9/10
System 16.5/20
Plot 8.5/10
Ease of Handeling 8/10
Replay Value 8.5/10
Multiplayer 8/10
SinglePlayer 8.5/10
Sound 4.5/5
GrindFest? 3/5

Total 83/100

Enter the Perfect World, choose your alliance, and join the adventure!
-Perfect World NA

Perfect world is one of the leading MMORPG's in the WORLD. With over 13 different translated versions, its popularity is beyond belief. Originally developed in China, the game attracted HUGE amounts of players and foreign company's attention and is now known to have over 50 million players world-wide.

The first thing anyone would notice when they are introduced to Perfect World, is the amazingly flashy graphics. That's because it's true, Perfect World is arguably the free MMORPG with the best graphics in the world. But even so, you do not need a high end computer to run it. If you ask anyone player on Perfect World "what was the first thing that attracted their attention?," most people would claim "the fancy artwork and amazing graphical detail."

But putting aside the fancy artwork and graphical detail, what else lies in this mysterious, and rather arrogant "Perfect World?" To put it short, the storyline of Perfect World goes like this:
A make-belief god, who was bored of his solitude and existance, decided to create a world, one of magic, and spiritual cultivation. However, "untamed beings" began to sprung from this world, and his world became imperfect. To counter this, he created a huge flood and destroyed all the untamed beings so he could start fresh. Now, the god used three parts of his body to create the three playable races of the game, and each representing the god's most valued traits.

The three basic races in the game are: Human, Untamed, and Winged Elves.
In the NA Version, there are also 6 classes: Archer, Barbarian, Blademaster, Cleric, Venomancer, and Wizard.

Perfect World offers decent sized play maps as you progress through the levels, and constantly introduces new challenges, dungeons, and mobs. There is a large selection of skills, armor, weapons, and costumes. The character customization is also a great aspect of the game, some people have said to be able to spend up to an hour just to create a character that looks almost identical to their real life self.

The gameplay itself contains too many information for me to post here, but here's a general list of available features:

Auction House
Grand Trade System
Territory Wars
Ultimate Weapons

The greatest downside to this game is probably the dedication needed to succeed. Unlike Dragonica, this game requires the utmost playing time and dedication to truly become respectable in the game, which many gamers loath.




#1: Cabal Online

Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 9.5/10
System 18.5/20
Plot 9/10
Ease of Handeling 8/10
Replay Value 9/10
Multiplayer 10/10
SinglePlayer 8/10
Sound 5/5
GrindFest? 3/5

Total 89/100

Game Websites: (Cabal Global) (Europe) (North America) (Cabal Sea) (Cabal Brazil)
(Cabal Phillipines website seems to be down? If anyone knows when it's up, please let me know and I'll provide a link)

Cabal Online is an incredibly flashy, well-paced, medium-grinding time, extremely competitive game.The genre of the game is Sci-Fi fantasy, which is creative enough on its own, and it implements many never-before-seen content in the game. Cabal offers a total of 13 medium sized playable maps, as well as 8 CT dungeons, 14 competitive dungeons, Chaos Arena, and 5 different tiers of Nation War Maps. This amount of explorable area is not too overwhelming for the player nor too little to enjoy.

With smexy costumes and unbelievably flashy skills that will keep you in awe, Cabal's graphics are incomparable to other free MMORPG's out there. Cabal's maps, dungeons, foliage, and other scenary are all beautifully made and very pleasing to the eye. From deserts to jungles to frozen caverns, Cabal offers a large variety of elegant enviroments in which the player may explore. Though interaction with enviroment and NPC is limited, the freedom to roam and the fun is guranteed.

Cabal offers a total of 6 different character classes.
*All classes may be played by both genders*

(From left to right)

Force Shielder
Force Blader
Force Archer

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses but overall, the 6 classes are extremly balanced (if played by the right hands). 

Force Shielder = Average HP, Low Atk/Mag, High Def, Average Atk/Def Rate, High Crit Rate/Dmg.
Force shielder is the tanker class of cabal, they are made to solo high level maps and dungeons with ease. Their potential is further increased in party combat, whether in PvP or in PvE. The Shielder's pride comes from their insanely high critical damage, as well as their final skill level debuff - Art of Defense. While in Art of Defense, the shielder is literally invincible from all attacks for 1-2 minutes, while dishing out 1/2 of other's HP with 1 critical attack.

Warrior - High HP, High Atk, High Def, Low Atk/Def Rate, Low Crit Rate/Dmg.
Warrior is a well rounded class, their stats are great in all of the areas. With decent defense and knockback, warriors can survive well in high level situations, and can also be quite fearsome in PvP. Warriors have insane knockback and high level short buffs that give them a great advantage in many situations, if used properly and with correct timing, a Warrior may counter and adapt to any given occurance.

Wizard = Low Hp, High Mag, Low Def, Low Atk/Def Rate, Low Crit Rate/Dmg.
If you're looking for a class that drops bombs, or should I say, Space Collapse's from far away without getting in harm's way, wizard is for you. Wizard is also the ONLY class in the game that can use the skill called "Blink" which pretty much allows you to teleport to the location of your mouse on the screen. Aside from that, wizard also has the highest base attack of all classes, shooting out cannons that can dish out 1/3 of your life each hit in PvP.

Blader = High HP, Average Atk, Average Def, High Atk/Def Rate, Average Crit Rate/Dmg.
Blader is pictured more like the "Assasin" class of other MMORPG's. However, unlike the assasins and bandits from other games, Bladers are neither lacking in defense nor HP. Bladers have very high attack and defense rate, which puts them in top place when it comes to soloing higher level dungeons and bosses. Blader's pride comes from their constant damaging and high level short buffs, as well as their great Battlemodes that place them quite high in both PvP and PvE situations.

Force Blader = Average HP, Average Atk/Mag, Average Def, Average Atk/Def Rate, High Crit Rate/Dmg.
Force Blader, unlike the Blader who uses two blades, uses a katana and an orb for combat. Force Bladers are known to be the FLASHIEST class of ALL free MMORPG's out there. Their skills no doubt have the best special effects in the game atleast. Their great debuffs and Battlemodes make them an incredibly fun class to play and level, and they a skilled FB can often turn any bad situation around.

Force Archer = Low HP, Average Mag, Low Def, Average Atk/Def Rate, Average-High Crit Rate/Dmg.
Force Archer is the class with the highest cast time in this game, their average cast time is 1.2-1.6 seconds, while other classes are 3-4. However, Force Archer's lack of base attack amplification and defense really puts them in a bind. Archer's primary role in a party is to stun mobs as well as heal party mates while avoiding damage and doing some long range bombing. Force Archers are extremely hard to play as a first character, but with right gear and skills, they can be horrendously powerful.

GUILD WARS (coming soon, PARTY WARS)

Apart from the graphics, and classes of Cabal, the most attractive part of Cabal is probably its PvP capabilities and system. Cabal offers an enviroment where Pk/PvP may be performed at any given location, except within the major cities. With one click of a button, any player, party, or guild may participate in a PvP or PK match. (No, noobs do not get targeted from PK often, there is no drop upon pk death, and pker also receives a penalty) Apart from the normal system, a war channel is also offered. In this channel, players of two opposing nations (nation selection at level 52) may battle it out for honor points without penalty, but that's not all.

Cabal also offers a High Level (3 Tier) Nation War System, which is  a HUGE showdown between players of the two nations. The same number of players will enter from both nations and be placed onto a special war map. On this very strategetical map, the two teams are put into a "Base Capture/Death Match" style game to see which team collects the most points at the end of the game. The entire process lasts for one whole hour, and the winning team gets not only a personal reward but also a nation and honour reward.

Cabal Downsides: Prehaps the most noticible downside in Cabal is the grinding times. Although Cabal does offer a combo system, a sufficient amount of dedication and skill grinding is needed. However, beyond level 100, all skill grinding becomes unnecessary, and your focus will shift to other more important things such as War and Chaos Arena. Also, at some points in the game, you may find yourself short of money and hopeless to play on, but believe me, the quests in mid-late game gives you an insane amount of cash, and if you get 1 lucky drop you can make millions in a few minutes.

Cabal Leveling Pace ~ (No honour farming, skilling included)
Skill Grinding Novice - Transcenter (80 hours)
Lvl 1-100 ~ (40-50 days)
Level 100-125 ~ (10-20 days)
Level 125-140 ~ (10-20 days)
Level 140-150 ~ (15-30 days)
Max Level = 170.

There are ALOT more information and content in this game that I did not mention, like the fact that there are actual girls on this game. But for now I need to eat cuz im hungry, so I will end the post here, but sure you check this game out. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment! =]

This concludes the FREE MMORPG RAMPAGE at this time, another will be made in the future. BUT FOR NOW, PLEASE LOOK FORWARD TO OUT STARCRAFT GUIDES - A LOOK, A TALK, A BLAST! x]

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