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4/3/10 (NEW)

Recalled to Life

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long hibernation, Zgamewrapup is now BACK and bringing you the new game information of the long-awaited 2010 video game revolution. This year will be a pivotal point in the generation of video games as well as electronic communications. Stay tuned with our new information regarding the paths the games will take as the days go by in this exciting new year.

In the next little while, we will be starting some basic FPS previews, reviews, recommendations, and general fun facts and information. This is due to popular demand as well as the interest of our authors. If you would like to see another genre focused, please do not hesitate in voting at the poll on the side bar. If you would like a specific game to be focused, please leave a comment and we will get back to you. =]

Three of our authors specialize in a game triangle about MMO, RTS, and FPS

~"Z"elmung : primary focus - MMORPG, secondary focus - RTS
~Raith001: primary focus - RTS, secondary focus - FPS
~ShadowGTFO: primary focus - FPS, secondary focus - MMORPG

If you have requests to a specific author you can always leave a comment on one of their individual posts, they'll get back to you in immediately. =]


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Continue following, commenting and voting on our polls, both Soccer Wrap Up and Zgame Wrap Up!!!

Our first post will be a collection of amazing FREE multi-player MMORPG's that are out there on the net!
To give this blog a little boost as it starts and also as a welcome gifts for you and your friends to play on. The games that will be on the list will definitely be worth playing, or atleast, trying out to see how they are. The authors of this site have all personally tried many of the games, and selected a top list for your leisure. A detailed rating and review will be given on specific games to tell you a little more info on how each of them works, look forward to it! ;)

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