Saturday, September 19, 2009

FIFA 10, Revolution in Sports Games

With the FIFA 10 demo out, everybody was able to get their hands on the highly anticipated new football simulator. The first time I played through a match, I didn't see any changes, in fact, it felt as if the game lost its sense of physical play.
But every minute more, you realize little things that change the experience, for example, I had broken through the defense and was onto the goalie, I tried to chip it over his head, it worked perfectly except, as the ball was about to bounce into the goal the goalkeeper sprints back and slaps the ball out of the way. Another example, when I was with Ibrahimovic, I was sprinting down the sideline, I tried the cross but it was heading towards the goal, it hits the post, and as another of my players is about to do a diving header a defender out of nowhere clears the ball.
These things didn't happen in FIFA 09, I started to realize how to use the 360 degree dribbling and the skilled dribbling. The defenders now show urgency when the ball is near their goal, and the goalie AI and reactions have much improved.
After playing FIFA 10 I tried to go back to playing FIFA 09, but I couldn't. All the small changes made for an extremely realistic experience that was unique. With the actual game coming out in 31 days, FIFA 10 looks to be the way to go.

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