Thursday, September 10, 2009

History of Starcraft

Starcraft's history is quite rough, dating back to it's first few prototype versions in 1995 where it made it's first step in E3 1996. The game, based off a Warcraft II engine, was quite put down by gaming critics and was thought to be abandoned in a few years, but Blizzard and Starcraft's main programmers redesigned and brandished a new system based off the Warcraft II engine that allowed Starcraft to support many new abilities such as cloaking and burrowing.

After Starcraft's major renovations in 1996, it later was released to the public again, except this time with much more positive comments in 1997. Soon it was released publicly and officially in 1999 hitting many awards such as Game Of The Year and accumulating as many as 9.5 million purchases of the game up 'til today even by ignoring the amount of illegal versions that are of the game.

Soon after it's release, it was popularized in various different countries in the world, but the most notable one was South Korea. During it's legacy in South Korea, the Koreans literally mastered the game. Practicing up to nearly 60 games a day and getting at less as an hour of sleep to NO sleep a day, the Koreans have now glorified it as a national sport; to South Koreans, Starcraft would be played daily like you and I would play soccer or basketball. Starcraft has it's own T.V. channel for pro-gaming in South Korea, and pays a hefty sum of money to take up the job despite the job's requirements. An example of the cost of buying a progamer onto your team would probably hit the 50 Million Won's worth (Nearly $467,000 U.S.D) and that's an average gamer. If you were to get a star like Jaedong or SlayerS_'Boxer' on your team, it would be an outrageous price along with a consistent price of the upkeep it takes to pay. Here are some pictures of some pro-gamers, and I will describe them.

This person, Jaedong (Picture on the right), is one of the best players of Starcraft of all time. He was rated #1 by KesPA rankings for a time of 4 months and has won numerous awards some being as prestigous as the Golden Mouse where you can only win by winning 3 MSL/OSLs in a row. He is an extremely feared Zerg Player. I myself,
am a huge fan of this player.

This person, a total God of Starcraft, has been reknowned for his creative and innovative nature in playing Starcraft as a pro-gamer. He is known for numerous ingenius terran strategies that he executed near-perfectly at a whim. His name is SlayerS_'Boxer'. Yes, you will see many pro koreans BOAST about his genius, he is also called "The Emperor" or "Emperor" for being a master of Terran. His micromanagement is scary, and I do not want to stare into his screen for long because you will be mesmerized by his immense micro.

I will include more information about pro-gamers later, on the same article edited in, I hope you will keep tuning in to Starcraft if you are interested!


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