Friday, September 11, 2009

FPS Rating System

Gameplay: /10 (Generally how well the game is made compared to others of its type)
Graphics: /10 (How well the graphics are within its style, as certain games have different graphic styles)
System: /20 (How well the game is designed, and if it is balanced)
Ease of Handling: /10 (How easy it is to get used to the controls and fighting styles)
Updates: /15 (How frequently and well designed the updates are)
Multi-Player: /10 (How the game incorporates other people as well as yourself)
Modding Potential: /10 (If the game can be modded and if there are a fair amount of popular mods)
Sound: /10 (If the sound effects relate to the object emitting it)
Replay Value: /5 (How addicting it is, and if you will play it a lot)

Total: /100

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