Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sony's Tactic, Nintendo's Agressive Response!

The rumors have already been established! The upcoming E3 in June will definitely be a breathtaking one. Video game analysts from across the globe have all been discussing this year's hot topic: "hand-held gaming."
 The Apple IPhone and IPod Touch, two products that has revolutionized the world of portable gaming, continues to rise exponentially on the video game market. While this is perpetuated competition in the market is good for the consumers, the companies that are loosing their hard earned monopolies (such as Nintendo) are beginning to become concerned. With the perfected OtA (Over the Air) download capabilities the Apple systems now host, the previous cartridge capabilities of the DS and PSP are beginning to seem out of date, and almost ancient in the sense of convenience and accessibility. And with the IPad on the rise, the world's attention is almost completely focused on the clever new innovations from Apple.

In response to this new dilemma, both Sony and Nintendo, without surprise, continue to invest in the hand-held market and attempt to exceed the limitations on their own accounts. The attention of every game critic and specialist is focused on the announcements Sony and Nintendo will make. The two products that are anticipated to be revealed are the PSP2 and the DS2 (very original, i know). Undoubtedly, the company who makes the most impact at this E3 conference will have a much desired advantage in the difficult battles to come. 
;) Either way, its good for the consumer.

With that said, we have much to look forward to in the next few months along with several great games coming out in the end quadrant of the year. 2010 marks the beginning of the new decade of video gaming.

PS: You should all go watch How to Train Your Dragon. Best film of 2010.

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