Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best Hit Title of the Wii

 RED STEEL 2 - The Revolution of Wii Gaming
*People who watch you play this game would think it was on the Xbox360"

Perhaps it was the gradual declination of the Wii's popularity in the past dozen months, or maybe perhaps it was due to the over-populace of Mario games, but RedSteel 2's appearance on the video game market surely caused a huge uproar, especially within the Wii's video game community.
This revolutionary game raised the bar of quality gaming on the Wii to a much higher standard, and really propelled the unexplored creativity as well as abilitiy of many game designers. It has huge improvements from its predecessors, Red Steel 1, which debuted with the Wii as Ubisoft's title game, but came out as a half-baked, first person samurai slash-n-hack that nobody enjoyed. Fortunately, RedSteel 2 is nothing like it. 
Review websites from across the internet such as IGN and Gamespot have all given very positive responses and reviews for this game. With an average rating of 8.9, Red Steel 2 comes out as the best rated FPS on the Wii console so far.

Enough talk, why not watch a video review from IGN to truly see the game for yourself?

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