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Blade and Soul

igh. Today, I was planning to not post anything new because my brain had a complete melt down. Anyways, I was browsing through some upcoming horror games when I realized.... Wait a minute, I havn't talked about the game that I'm most excited about that's coming out! O: O: So here I am, exclusively giving you details about the upcoming PC/PS3 video game MMORPG legend: 

Blade and Soul

    Initial trailer:

    Weeks before NCmedia day, NCsoft announced a new game only known for its codename Project [M]. For the next two weeks, a teaser website was updated revealing more information about the project.
    During E3 2007, Sony revealed that they had entered into an exclusive deal with NCsoft to produce new titles exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.


    • Jin - Although the Jin resemble the average human being, the Jin's spirit is far superior to that of an ordinary being. The Jin have an outstanding skeleton and a wise brain that is good at comprehension. Their name, Jin, means trying ones best. They live up to their name and will stop at nothing to complete the task at hand no matter what the risk. With such strength and wisdom, the Jin's have the capability of mastering anything they put their minds to, especially the martial arts and Kung-Fu. Most of the worlds famous Kung-Fu masters are Jin.
    • Gon - The Gon, a symbol of strength, are a very masculine race. These giant power houses are not limited to males, they do in fact have women. What distinguishes the Gon females from the women of other races? Their extraordinary height and surprisingly attractive muscles. The Gon race is somewhat misunderstood. They are widely feared by ordinary people because of their somewhat destructive ways, but don't let that fool you. Despite the Gon's tough look, they are actually quite warming and hospitable.
    • Kun - The Kun, an elegant and beautiful race that consists of only women. They are believed to have embodied the strength of the Chinese phoenix. They represent the ideal image of the male fantasy with their irresistible beauty and grace. They are sometimes mistaken for goddesses and fairies that have descended from the heavens. Their name stands for the sky, which originates from the belief that they indeed came from the sky.
    • Lyn - This race was introduced to the public in the GStar 2009 video and was welcomed with open arms. This petite and adorable race features big ears, tails, and an irresistible urge to squeeze their cute little faces. NCSoft has only released two models of this race, a raccoon model and a fox model. The Lyn's have very keen senses that greatly surpass the other three races, they have a very strong ability to survive because of this. The Lyn's are a gentle and disciplined race, but they do enjoy their fair share of mischievous acts. Of course, they mean absolutely no evil in these games of theirs.

    NA Trailer:


    • Blade Master - The the first of these classes is the Blade Master class, which focuses on combat exclusively through the point of a sword. The attacks are pleasantly flashy, with long, bright slash combinations and astounding aerial quick-slashes and heavy blows. Curiously, the Blade Masters in this trailer don't use the sword-summoning technique from the previous trailer, which suggests that it is no longer a technique useable by this class, (given to another player class, perhaps), as it was extensively showcased in the previous trailer.
    • Kung-Fu Master - The second class introduced is the Kung-Fu Master, focusing instead on up-close and personal beat-downs via punches and kicks. This class actually has a great selection of attacks; from flurries of quick punches to bone-crushing charged blows, juggling kicks, launchers, sweeps, grapples, and even what looks like punch-projectiles. These are perhaps the most impressive of attackers, as their attacks seem to ooze flash and style as they combo and juggle their opponents.
    • Force Master - The third class is what seems to be Blade & Soul's answer to the mage class, the Force Master. Force Masters not only manipulate charged spells and attacks, but seem to be able to manipulate their opponent's gravity, capable of lifting them high into the air and picking away at them with storms of energy projectiles. No doubt this skill is useful in party play, lifting the party's opponent helplessly while other party members capitalize on its vulnerability. For mage-type characters, Force Masters seem surprisingly fast in both their attack and charged spells; they certainly don't seem like enemies a player would want to tangle with haphazardly.
    • Destroyer - The last of the four official races is the Destroyer. Perhaps the slowest of the introduced classes, these characters seem like the "tanks" of Blade & Soul, eating up vast damage unflinchingly, and dealing tremendous damage in close-range attacks. The Destroyer does not move particularly fast, but sports an impressive organic-looking shield to deflect damage, and beastly combos with it's massive, massive axe.

    Korean Trailer:

    Features of Blade & Soul Pvp

    • The relationship between you and your opponent's state (defense, dodge, location) is very important, which means there will be several state for PK: defense, dodge, blow fly, floating, lying on the ground and so on.
    • The damage to the parts of the body is the same, but the value of damage will be different according to the attacking angle. The value of damage will be calculated by the attacking angle. So the injury may be divided into front and back injury.
    • When two players knock down each other at the same time, the first one to hit will have an advantage.
    • When player and his opponent attack at each other, the damage value will be subject to the speed. The player who is slower will get hurt by the other, and the damage output will decrease.

    Full Director's Cut/Interview is here at this link, this is the full 24 minute-ish description of the entire development process of the game up to this point in date. Since posting it on my site lags the page load, i've provided as a link for those who are interested to open ;)

    I will be posting more info on this game as we receive more news and stuff. :D

    And don't be sad if you were expecting some horror post from me, because the next one will most likely be scarier than you think.


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